Pillar of light & full embodiment

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Our mental illusions

We have been ‘touched’, hurt and traumatized in our lower chakras several times throughout our incarnations. This can be applied to a feeling of safety, right to exist, power/loss of power, boss/slave dynamics, self-esteem, relationships, sexuality, innocence, creative power, and wanting to ‘be’ on earth.

There are many illusions stored in our system, in other words, incorrect beliefs and views about ourselves, our origin and life. Often in these lives we have lost contact with Source. We started to forget who we really are and started to live from a state of survival instead of Living. We built a wall of defenses around ourselves and lost faith in life and the source from which we came.

Anchoring higher consciousness

You are here to be a pillar of light . You then channel the light (consciousness) from your higher self-parts completely through your body into the earth. Above and below, heaven and earth are then completely connected. Your soul (higher self) then embodies your physical body and this makes that you can anchor your higher consciousness into your body and the earth. You really ARE here. You are then fully incarnated and live from your essence and gifts.

Free yourself from the illusions

Subconsciously many of you are being drawn in this direction. You feel that there is more, you are looking for yourself, you want to develop your inner self and so on. We often look for this somewhere ‘above’, we prefer to flee from our body, back to the spheres from which we came. While the ‘goal’ is that you are going to free yourself from all the illusions that you have built around yourself here on earth. These illusions ensure that your light cannot fully descend into your lower chakras. Once you become more anchored in your physical body, you will finally experience that feeling of ‘coming home’ that you have been searching for.

Once you start the journey of anchoring more into your body, you will finally feel the HOME within. And you will find all the things you were searching for all this time.

Some examples of these illusions:

“I’m not pure enough when it comes to themes of the lower chakras.’

‘I need a teacher/guru/master to accomplish …’

‘I’m not worth it, because…’

‘It’s not safe to be fully alive here on earth, in my body.’

‘Life on earth is always heavy/painful/hard.’

‘I can better protect myself, because otherwise I’m to vulnerable.’

The pitfall

There are of course many more, but that will give you an idea of ​​what I mean. All those beliefs, or illusions, keep us from who we really are. It can be the pitfall in this area that you want to become ‘better’, ‘more spiritual’ or ‘enlightened’ and that you keep looking for this outside yourself. You then focus on conditions in the future and do not realize that everything is already there. Your being is already light and pure! All you have to do is remove all the layers that stand in the way between you and this Essence.

Letting go

And this takes a lot. By confronting these old beliefs, you also come into contact with the traumas, pain and emotions that are associated with them. The trick, while feeling those parts, is to keep remembering that you ARE not all those old pieces. Letting go doesn’t have to be complicated. Once you realize that these are illusions and that you don’t have to believe them anymore, you take away their power. This way you can step by step replace the illusions with beliefs that lift you up and connect you with your essence.

The moment these insights came to me, I suddenly heard a song by Shimshai, with this text:

You are forever pure

You are forever true

And the dream of this world

Can never touch you

So give up your attachments

And give up your confusions

And fly to the space

That’s beyond all illusions

Title nummer: Suddhossi Buddhossi

Contact with your heart

I felt this one so strongly! I can really recommend that you look it up and listen (with your eyes closed). It’s also a wonderful song to repeat as a mantra and sing throughout the day. You can also try to stay in touch with your heart. The energy of your heart contains your truth. In this energy no illusions can exist and you only feel unconditional (self) love.

If you’re looking for guidance on this path, take a look at my private- and small-scale group retreats in Sweden. I’m happy to guide you in this process of ‘Pillar of light – embodiment’.