Healing Private retreat in Sweden

A magical inner healing journey amidst nature


Private healing retreat


Discover the gold within

Dear woman, you may again discover the potential you carry within. First you may build a strong inner foundation and feel the safety and (self) confidence that is there. Then we will look together at all the things you’re ready to let go of. We will go deep and I will help you remember how to activate the keys to your own healing capacities. You learn to work with energy (or deepen this process) and you will experience how your own Soul-Essence, the Divine Source and nature all work together to give you the right insights and healing.

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Demi Maatman Retreats
Demi Maatman Retreats

Re-connect with your Essence

The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation for your other relationships. True (unconditional) love, connection, joy, and wisdom begin to flow again when you connect with your Soul-Essence. From a safe place we shine light on the unresolved parts within, so that they can transform and you will experience inner freedom.

Discover your mission

Your inner male and female energy may come together in a sacred dance – after which you also rediscover the golden inner child. Your passion and mission become more clear and your creativity and (undiscovered) gifts start to flow again. You experience life from a state of more ease and peacefulness and you dare to show yourself to the world with confidence.


What can you experience?

  • Discovering yourself on deeper layers

  • Coming out of your head and deeper into your body

  • Making a breakthrough on personal themes

  • Transforming old fears, trauma’s, beliefs or patterns

  • Deeper connection in your relationships

  • More clarity about your soul-mission

  • Integration of soul-parts (multi-dimensionality)

  • More contact with your creative and feminine energy

  • Learning to work with nature-energies and the elements

  • A deeper connection with your Soul-Essence & the Divine Source

7-Day Journey

Starting from €2225,-

The program broadly includes:

The program is tailored as much as possible to your intention and needs. So sessions may look different in practice (an example is below), and can be combined with swimming in Swedish lake, nature hikes or fire ceremony. During our first session you can communicate your preferences, ór you allow yourself to be surprised!

  • Personal Alignment session on the first day (+-1-1,5 hours)

  • Healing session (in combination with meditation, intuitive exercises and creativity). (+- 2 to 2,5 hours)

  • Healing-activation session on theme that comes up + working with elements and nature’s energies (+- 2 to 2,5 hours)

  • In between one free day for rest and integration

  • Nature hike + exercises in nature (learn to communicate with nature, the ‘field’ and own intuition). (+- 2 to 2,5 hours)

  • Intuitive healing-activation-coaching session on personal theme. (+- 2 to 2,5 hours)

  • In between, plenty of free time to relax and take wonderful walks in or around the property (we live in the middle of the forest)

  • You make your own food and I create a menu for you that is adjusted to your food preferences and allergies. I make sure all the ingredients and recipes are ready so you can prepare your food in a relax way during the retreat

  • I give you exercises and tools that you can do during your retreat (based on your preferences)

The price includes:

  • 6 nights in retreat-centre (or private caravan)

  • 6x breakfast*

  • 6x dinner*

  • 5 x lunch*

  • Organic coffee, tea and fruits

  • Towels & bed linen

  • Use of natural shampoo, conditioner, douchegel

  • A private room with big window and writing table (or private caravan)

  • Acces to shared relaxing area, kitchen, bathroom and toilet (in case you book a room – otherwise you will have your private caravan)

  • A mystical Paperblanks Journal

  • A natural healing-balm made of sheabutter and essential oil

  • An intuitively chosen crystal tumblestone

  • Acces to my online activation-meditation ‘Activation of the Diamond Body – Reclaim inner freedom.’

* I will ask you about your diet wishes and allergies. We make sure you have all the ingredients and recipes ready at the start of the retreat so you can cook your own food in the kitchen of the retreat-building, or in your private kitchen in the caravan. We buy as much as possible organic.

More information

More information about my way of working you can find on my page ‘1-on-1 healing sessions’ (click here). This gives you an idea of the sessions/topics during the retreat. Additional retreat-information can be found in my blog Spiritual retreat in Sweden – how can it help you?

Small-scale Retreat Centre

In the retreat building, there are 3 private rooms, allowing for a maximum of 2 other guests to be present (who, like you, are also seeking tranquility and inspiration). It’s also entirely possible that you’re the only guest during your retreat. There is a big shared area in the building with multiple places to sit, 2 toilets, one bathroom and a kitchen with meadow-view. If you book the caravan, you have your own private space, including your own kitchen and acces to a separate bathroom outside of the retreat building (so you don’t have to enter the building). Around the retreat-center we have created various relax spots in our forest-garden and around the property you will find forests and lakes where you can roam around or drink your cup of tea.

Immerse yourself in swedish nature

The accomodation

The idyllic retreat centre was formerly a carpentry factory. Later, it was transformed into a small café selling organic vegetables, and now it is a small-scale retreat centre where people experience the energy as ‘special, grounding & enlightening’.

Often, they notice an inner change just by being present in this place, even before we have started the sessions! This place amidst the Swedish forests, with moss and large stones everywhere, is indeed a true power spot.

More information about the centre Click here.

Demi Maatman Retreats


Prices are based on the room you want to choose. Ask me for the availability of the rooms if you want to book.

Room 1

Price: € 2225,-

This bright room features a big window, a single bed, a desk, and a comfortable chair.


Retreatcenter Sweden

Room 2

Price: € 2275,-

This spacious room features a big window, a small double bed, a desk, and a comfortable chair.

Room 3

Price: € 2225,-

This cozy room features a big room, a single bed and is slightly cooler in the summer than the rest. Additionally, there is a desk available.


Prijs: € 2250,-

The caravan comes with its own kitchen and private terrace. You will have access to a separate shower and toilet that is located on the outside of the retreat-building.