Silent retreat in the south of Sweden

Escape the noise. Embrace the silence. Rediscover yourself on deeper layers and find new clarity and direction.

Silence is not the absence of something, but the presence of everything.

This retreat is for you if you feel the need to BE with yourself for a week. Without all the distractions at home. Without other people telling you what to do, or how to be. Maybe there are certain life choices you are about to make, maybe you need clarity, new inspiration, or just SILENCE.

Is it long ago that you felt connected to your own body and intuition? Is it hard to feel the difference between the noise of the mind and your own wisdom? Maybe you’re tired, or even burned-out. Or you’re missing a sense of deeper meaning in your life. You want to feel again who you are, deep inside. And you know that you can reach that inner core by being in silence, with yourself.

This is what a private retreat in silence and nature will bring you;

  • You will feel recharged and energized
  • You will feel a deeper connection with yourself
  • You will feel how you’re a part of nature and have a new sense of connection with the earth
  • You will have new insights and inspiration
  • You feel deeper connected to your intuition and inner wisdom
  • You will feel that you’ve let go of old baggage
  • You feel a stronger inner foundation and inner empowerment
  • You have experienced that you’re your own best friend and healer, which creates a deeper unconditional love for yourself ánd your loved ones
  • You know what new steps to take in your daily life and you will feel that your ‘inner fire’ is alive again, ready to shine!

Guidance during your retreat

During this journey you will receive guidance on the first day of your retreat, and on the last day. The days in between you will be with yourself, in your private caravan in our forest-garden. There you have plenty of time to relax, meditate, roam around in the forests around the property, visit a lake, drink your tea on a rock, cook your own food in your cosy kitchen, and draw or write in your notebook.

The sessions will be adjusted to where you are right now and what your focus points are. So it can be a combination of coaching, healing, guided inner meditation, intuitive exercises, energywork, or just talking or being in nature together – whatever you prefer and need.

On the last session we will also take time to make all the insights you’ve received practical, so you will have tools to work with in your daily life. In this way, you can take your next steps from a place of self-confidence and inner strength when you are at home.

Price options

Back to basic

€ 1295,-

  • Transfer from train station to retreatcenter

  • 6 nights stay in the caravan**

  • Towels & bed linen
  • Organic coffee & tea, and use of herbs

  • Use of natural shampoo, conditioner, douchegel

  • Session at the start (1.5 hours)

  • Session at the end (1.5 hours)

  • No Paperblank Journal

  • No online Meditations

  • No meals included (so you will bring your own food)*

* You can cook your own meals in the kitchen in the caravan
** We have a separate bathroom for our caravan-guests on the outside part of the retreat-building (so you don’t have to use the one inside the building)

All inclusive

€ 1595,-

  • Transfer from train station to retreatcenter

  • 6 nights stay in the caravan**
  • Towels & bed linen
  • Organic coffee & tea and use of herbs

  • Use of natural shampoo, conditioner, douchegel

  • Session at the start (2 hours)

  • Session at the end (2 hours)

  • Paperblank Journal

  • Acces to online meditations (recorded by Demi)

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included: recipes and groceries available in your kitchen*

* You can cook your own meals in the kitchen in the caravan
** We have a separate bathroom for our caravan-guests on the outside part of the retreat-building (so you don’t have to use the one inside the building)

The accomodation

The idyllic retreat centre was formerly a carpentry factory. Later, it was transformed into a small café selling organic vegetables, and now it is a small-scale retreat centre where people experience the energy as ‘special, grounding & enlightening’.

Often, they notice an inner change just by being present in this place, even before we have started the sessions! This place amidst the Swedish forests, with moss and large stones everywhere, is indeed a true power spot.

More information about the centre Click here.

Demi Maatman Retreats



  • Hello from Australia! If you are reading this review, wondering if Working with Demi is for you, then THIS is the sign you have been looking for. My 6 days with Demi, and the wonderful other participants was mind changing. I learned so much about myself and inner needs, I learned the power of working alongside other, like minded women and I learned that the life I want, as a woman, as ME, is not just possible, but necessary. I learned that self care, and self love, are not just words, but a way of life. Demis knowledge, warm, kindness and openness is visible from the moment you make contact with her. Did I mention the time available to wander in the beautiful Swedish Forrest, REAL time to rest and recharge, and delicious home cooked meals? Working with Demi is all of that and so much more. I am deeply grateful that I found this retreat and made myself a priority. It is a gift that I will never regret giving myself. Thank you Demi, from the bottom of my heart.

    Natasha Starford - Australia

    Women Group Retreat

  • What a great investment in, and gift for, yourself when you book the private retreat with Demi. The space, tranquility and nature did a lot with me. Just take a break from your busy life and relax and recharge in Sweden's nature. During the 5 days of the program of the retreat, Demi takes the time to guide you during certain sessions. Guided meditations, intuitive walks, in-depth conversations or a creative session. Demi senses very well what is needed at that moment, and knows what you need in regards to certain themes. What I especially like about this retreat, and find powerful about Demi, is that it's not just a week where Demi does all the work and you just 'receive'. Usually after such a week you have all kinds of intentions, but it is impossible to keep it up at home. That is different with this retreat. Demi shows you that you can do a lot of things yourself. You can work with energy yourself, provide healing & apply the things learned during the week very practically in your daily life. Demi really empowers you during this week. I've been home for a while, but I already feel great changes in my energy and I can practically apply my insights in my daily life.

    Wieke Ristimaki – Netherlands

    Individual Retreat

  • Thankyou for an incredible week. You are truly a starseed on this earth, healing humanity one person at a time. You have re-awoken a creativity and connection to the natural world that I feared I would never feel again. You have reminded me of my soul's mission on earth. I am sad to be leaving today. The sanctuary you have created here is so conducive to spiritual growth. But I feel ready to take what I have learned here and incorporate it into my daily life. Thank you for making me believe in magic again. With love,

    Izzy Schamberger - Denmark/USA

    Women Group Retreat

  • A month has passed since I spent a magical week at Demis Retreat and I´m already longing to return. My intention for the week was surpassed more than I could have imagined thanks to Demi. The place and location, but most of all, Demi herself managed to open up and bringing out so much inner light and strength out of me. She is like this super- excellent spiritually-connection-wi-fi! I left the retreat empowered, with newfound clarity and new perspectives on career paths and long-term happiness. I most definitely will do this again and Demi will forever stay in my heart and empower my mind. All my love.

    Marianne Busekist - Sweden

    Individual Retreat

  • I arrived friday 29th September late afternoon/evening very tired, bad back & feeling negative & exhausted with health & emotional issues rampaging me all through from 69+ years of "LIFE'S TROUBLES"! And slowly, surely, competently & carefully with sensitivity, love, intelligence & persistence Demi taught/showed/guided me to see and integrate the path I am now able to take and follow for total reconciliation & health in every aspect! What a woman... Demi is wonderful and thank you is not enough. Love & Blessings.

    Eve - England

    Individual Retreat

  • I went to the Anneberg Center for a 7-day private retreat with the expectation of finding something new, I actually found myself back. Nature all around will provide the resources for your journey, whether it be physical or spiritual. Regardless of the moment of your life and the answers you are looking for, be sure that Demi will be more than your host, she will be your perfect terrestrial guide. A spiritual retreat is a beautiful parenthesis in life, a suspended moment to recharge, reset, restart…a life changing experience and a love gift to ourselves.

    Tina Nguyen – France

    Individual Retreat

Practical and extra information

You will cook your own meals in your private caravan kitchen (fridge, small freezer and oven available – but no microwave).

The ‘back to basic’ version has no meals included, which means that you will bring your own food. If you come by airplane and then train, you can visit Växjö (which is a city) for groceries before you take the train further to Hovmantorp. Or you can do your groceries at the ICA in Hovmantorp (bit smaller than the grocery shops in Växjö) before I pick you up there. The ICA in Hovmantorp is on the other side of the road from the trainstation which makes it easy to go by foot. Take into account that you have to buy all the food you need for the whole retreat at once.

The ‘All inclusive’ package has all the meals included, which means that I have prepared a personal menu for you and have bought all the ingrediënts. You will find all the food in your caravan kitchen and you will have the recipes ready. I will take into account the things you don’t eat/allergies and buy as much as possible organic.


The entire retreat spans 7 days, including 1 arrival day and 1 departure day.

On the arrival day, you can arrive from 12:00 onwards, and I will pick you up from the train station. On the departure day, you can have a relaxed breakfast, after which I will take you to the train station at a time that suits you best (unless you are arriving by car).

You can travel by car, plane, or train. Flying is possible, for instance, to Copenhagen. From there, it’s another 3 hours by train, which on most days has a direct connection from Copenhagen to Hovmantorp. I will pick you up at the Hovmantorp trainstation and bring you there at the day of departure.


Anneberg Retreat-center is located in the middle of the forest (place called ‘Hässle Anneberg’) between Lessebo and Hovmantorp, and 30 minutes from Växjö city.

Dates & sign up for the retreat

If you are interested or have any questions, you can fill in the contact form below and I will respond within a few days (always check your SPAM or unwanted mail!).

It is also possible to discuss with me by phone whether the retreat is suitable for you (and maybe you would also like to feel whether we are a match).

If you want to start with the retreat, we will plan a suitable date together.

Prices extra services

Optional Price
Crystals, selfcare products On location
Organic bodycare products Available on

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