Ignite Your Inner Light

Women’s Healing Retreat

max. 4 women – 6 days – in Swedish nature – English language

Available retreats 2024


Ignite Your Inner Light

This small-scale retreat for women takes place in the middle of the woods, in a cozy retreat center in southern Sweden. Here you have all the space you need to connect, relax and to deepen your inner process in a group of no more than 4 women.

During this retreat we take an inner journey and make conscious what is holding you back from living life to the fullest. It is a rediscovery of your own wisdom, inspiration, (self)love and passion.

If you’re honest.. to what extent are you living your potential as a woman? Where are you still keeping yourself small? To what extent do you live in alignment with your soul essence? And where do you not yet dare to trust your own intuition and the flow of life?

You will rediscover who YOU are, what you are here to do and how you can embody this in your daily life. Your ‘Inner Light’: that is ready to shine!



Magic literally happens when a group of like-minded women come together. Everyone has their own unique energy and qualities and together we create a powerful field where everyone can go through their own beautiful transformation.


We all carry the old information of our ancestral lineage in our system, which holds us back from living fully. In a safe setting you will be guided to clean up these old pieces and traumas, allowing you to experience more inner peace, clarity and relaxation within yourself.


What am I here for? What are my unique gifts and how can I use them (more powerfully)? You will experience that the real feeling of ‘coming home’ can be experienced in the rediscovery of your own soul essence and the connection with this in your daily life.

Inner breakthrough

Through healing meditations, creative exercises, working with the elements and nature energies, you will be guided in your inner process, releasing limiting beliefs, fears and themes that no longer serve you. So that you can take further steps from a new inner foundation at home.

What can you get to experience?

  • Discovering yourself on deeper layers

  • Coming out of your head and deeper into your body
  • Making a breakthrough on personal themes
  • Releasing old patterns, themes, beliefs or fears
  • More clarity about your mission
  • Becoming more in tune with your own wisdom and intuition
  • Having more contact with your creative and feminine essence
  • Learning to work with nature-energies and the elements
  • A deeper connection with your soul/Higher Self and the Divine Source & a better communication with it in your daily life

Six-day journey

The program broadly includes:

  • Group-sessions
  • Meditation-healing sessions
  • Individual- & group-exercises

  • Nature walks with intuitive exercises

  • Time for creativity (like painting & writing)

  • working with the elements & nature’s energies

  • Music healing & intuitive dance

  • One yin-yoga class

  • In between, plenty of free time to relax in the retreat center, a hammock or chair in the garden, or you take a walk in the forest adjacent to the property.

  • More information about my way of working you can find on my page ‘1-on-1 healing sessions’ (click here). This gives you an idea of the sessions/topics during the retreat. Additional retreat-information can be found in my blog ‘Spiritual retreat in Sweden – how can it help you?


Demi Maatman Retreats

More information about the center: click here

The price includes:

  • 5 nights in the retreat center with private or shared room and with large common room, bathroom and kitchen.

  • 5 x breakfast*
  • 5 x dinner*
  • 5 x lunch*
  • Organic coffee, tea & fruits

  • Towels, bed linen, natural shampoo, conditioner and shower gel

  • A beautiful Paperblanks Journal
  • An intuitively picked tumblestone

  • A natural healing-balm with sheabutter and essential oils

* The food is vegetarian, and organic as much as possible. Should the harvest be abundant, we may also eat vegetables from our own vegetable garden (except in wintertimes ofcourse). I am happy to hear in advance whether you have any particular food allergies. I also take into account wishes to eat vegan, egg-free or gluten-free if desired.


Prices are based on the room you choose. You can either choose a double room or a single private room. Inform which room is available when you book.

Shared room

Price: € 1150,-

This room contains two beds and has two large windows with garden view.

Retreatcenter Sweden

Private room

Price: € 1350,-

This room has one bigger bed (small double bed) compared to the other rooms. It also has a chair, a writing table and a big window.

Private room

Price: € 1300,-

This cosy room has a good single bed and is in summertime a bit cooler then the other ones. It has a window with meadow-view and a small writing table.

Women to women