The holistic psychologist

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The holistic psychologist

What distinguishes the holistic psychologist or spiritual psychologist in comparison to the regular psychologist? And why might I make a choice for a holistic psychologist? And what should I pay attention to? In this article, I share my views with you!

I would like to start by putting a little disclaimer when it comes to putting labels on things. I do not like to pigeonhole or label things or people. If this article does express that in any way, it is intended to clarify the concept of a holistic psychologist.

Holistic, spiritual or regular psychologist?

Although I myself graduated as a regular psychologist, I now use the terms holistic and spiritual psychologist to indicate my way of working. In fact, there are some differences between the two.

The first difference is that a regular psychologist is a university psychology graduate, which gives you a protected title (drs) that you can only use upon completing this particular study. Holistic and spiritual psychologist (are, in my opinion, synonyms of each other), on the other hand, are nót protected ‘titels’ and may be used by different kind of therapists.

However, there are currently extensive training programs in the field of holistic or spiritual psychology. But there are also many individual courses that people can take to eventually call themselves “holistic therapist,” “holistic coach,” “healer” or “energy worker”.

So my situation is that I combine my background as a ‘regular psychologist’ with another study in the field of healing, reading and energy work that I did at the same time. I call this combination “holistic- or spiritual psychology,” while there are also studies that combine both in one and are called “holistic psychology” by themselves.

The growth of ‘holistic coaches and therapists’

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the fact that there are more and more holistic coaches with little background baggage. Some people feel that you have to have some serious training before you can start helping others. I personally find this a difficult issue. In my opinion, only the study of psychology does not provide the foundation a therapist needs to help others deeply. After all, someone may study well and have a lot of “knowledge,” but is someone emotionally mature? Has the therapist done enough inner work so that one’s own perceptions are not projected onto the client? Does someone have a warm energy that makes another person feels safe? I know plenty of people who have started their own practice who have not studied psychology, but have done years of inner work in combination with various courses/self-study. Many of them are really good therapists.

Unfortunately it is also the case that some people become therapists who have little awareness of themselves and do not really know how to help others. An example is when someone has suffered a burnout and has found a way out of it and immediately starts their own practice and tell others they have ‘the’ solution. I’m talking about a specific case where this person has done little further inner work and actually has no further basic knowledge of psychology/energetic work etc. Or someone has done one weekend course on energetic work and then starts their own practice, while that person still has little self-awareness.

So my idea about that is not black and white. I think that it is always a combination of both some background knowledge (whether this is in the form of regular psychology/holistic psychology or a number of courses/self-study on the energetic plane) and the consciousness/emotional intelligence/internal gifts of the person. Some persons are born healers. When they do energetic work, something just happens to the other person. Some people do not need any training at all! I do think that in those cases it is important that this person has done some inner cleansing work, in order to be a pure channel for the client.

Therefore, I always continue to develop myself. I consider it important that I can help others as objectively as possible, without my own ideas and beliefs influencing them. I was aware that both my psychology studies and my energy work studies cannot be the sole foundation for my work. People need to feel safe with me. I need to truly empathize with them. I need to be well-aligned with my own core when doing my work. This requires that I regularly introspect. It’s not something that’s completed in one go, but an ongoing process. Therapists, like us, are not perfect either! We are also human and always learning.

The holistic psychologist

It is important (this may apply to all services) that if you are already looking for a holistic or spiritual therapist, that you’ll do your own research and really feel into the energy of the therapist.

As I hinted at a bit, the essential difference of these terms is in how they look at the human being as a whole. In my view, the holistic or spiritual psychologist goes a step further and as the word holistic suggests, looks at the human being more as a whole. Including the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body and the relationships between them.

Regular psychology training unfortunately did not go that far. There was no discussion of the soul, energetic work or the effect of ancestral traumas, for example, on our current lives. This is still seen within mainstream psychology as inexplicable and lacking “scientific” basis.

Science has no scientific basis (yet) for people’s many spiritual experiences

During one of the philosophy courses I was taking at the time, a point of discussion was introduced. This one was about there being a “problem” within psychology. Psychologists indicated that more and more people were coming to them with questions or fears surrounding their “intense spiritual experiences,” to which then the psychologist has no answer.

My point was: if apparently more and more people are having spiritual experiences, then that can be seen as something that is “real,” right? Because apparently people are experiencing it. The examples are legion. Take “near-death experiences,” for example. How many people with similar experiences independently tell the same mystical stories? Then surely it is time for “science” to delve more into that and become more open to it?

Fortunately, there are already more and more initiatives worldwide doing research. The question is not whether the spiritual/holistic side will eventually be integrated, but when.

What does my work as a holistic psychologist look like?

My way of working involves going to the core of problems, fears, pain or beliefs. In doing so, I go beyond just this current life and definitely include the ancestral trauma’s .

Having worked with various people for a number of years now, it has become clear to me time and again that most “problems”, fears or certain themes stem from the family lineage.

By acknowledging this and releasing yourself from it (and thus the family line), openness and clarity take its place and the energy starts to flow again.

Besides that, my work is also energetic. I work directly from my own soul-essence and I help others to come into contact with their own soul-essence as well. Because of the collaboration that arises between my client and myself, wonderful things happen.

I often work with a combination of conversation, guided meditation and energetic work. Clear insights come through to the other person (those ‘aha’ moments), blockages are released and a breakthrough is made on pieces that they sometimes struggled with for years. This because we go in depth, to the core of things.

I also focus on the potential of my client. I don’t see the other person as someone who “knows less”, and I don’t see myself as the one who has all the answers.

My mission is to empower the other. That is why I guide someone intuitively during the sessions, so that they get their own insights. I help them get back in touch with their power, wisdom and intuition themselves, so that after a few sessions they no longer ‘need’ me.

Often there is a wall between how a person is currently experiencing life and a person’s true potential. Together we look at what is blocking that potential and transform these blockages.

Is a holistic psychologist suitable for me?

What does your gut tell you? Often you feel what you need at this moment, even though you still might feel a bit fear about it. If you are willing to take responsibility for everything you encounter in yourself and to apply change (sometimes these are just small things), then it is suitable for you.

You are expected to actively contribute to the process and to be willing to confront yourself (in a loving way). You will also be asked to make contact with your feelings and emotions (of course you will be guided in this).

If you dare to take that on, you will find that you can make a major breakthrough and begin to experience life more from your soul essence, inner peace and inspiration.

A holistic psychologist can be helpful for those seeking a deeper, more integrative approach to psychological care.

Whether you struggle with emotional problems, fears, relationship problems, unexplained physical complaints, stress, or you want to further develop yourself internally and spiritually, a holistic psychologist can help you with this inner process so that you can experience lasting change.

How can I help you?

You can book online sessions with me or visit me on location in Sweden (for example in combination with a private retreat). Online sessions are very nice because you can relax at home on the couch or in bed and don’t have to drive a car after the time.

Especially since so much is happening energetically, this can be nice. We do the session via video call, and the energetic part works just as powerfully as a live session.

For those who live in Sweden, they can of course just come by for an on-site session. For those who are interested in coming by in Sweden: you are welcome!

If you come to do a private retreat with me, you can spend a few days relaxing in the magical Swedish nature, while we do various in-depth and creative sessions here on location. Feel free to contact me for more information!

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