The shift: restoring Yin & Yang in ourselves and the world

Categories: ConsciousnessBy Published On: 8 June 20205 min read

Changes in the world

We are currently experiencing a massive collective awakening. We grow from separation, fear and control to more openness, trust and contact with our intuition.

Period of chaos

Before we can get here we have to go through a period of chaos. The transition to a ‘lighter’ life is not without resistance. We see this happening both on a collective level in society, and also in ourselves. We could say that our individual transformation is strongly related to the collective transformation.

First, everything that is unconscious, impure and based on fear comes up. A beam of light is directed towards it, so it becomes visible.

Shift in masculine and feminine energies

In this article I want to talk about what I believe are the shifts in our masculine and feminine energy.

With the focus on the ‘rebirth’ of the feminine energy. Both men and women have a feminine and a masculine energy, and over the centuries this balance has been disturbed.

It is as if these energies have been separated and lost each other. While originally both energies are equivalent and complement each other.

In my opinion, much of our suffering stems from this imbalance. I will explain a few examples.

The old world view

Person who only lives from a wounded male energy

Tends to want to steer and control life completely mentally. Has closed off from feeling and believes that reason is superior to feeling. With that comes a lack of empathy and there is no deep connection with oneself and others. There is little or no contact with nature, creativity and real enjoyment.

Person who only lives from a wounded female energy

Has a tendency to take care of others, forgetting oneself in the process. Does not know own limits and is mainly concerned with the other. Has difficulty with practical, business life. It can also be difficult to take action and manifest things.

These are just two simple (stereotypical) examples that came to mind. It is of course not so black and white and there are many variations to be found in which yin and yang are out of balance.

The influence of the predominant male energy on our society

As I said, I especially wanted to focus on the rebirth of the feminine energy. That is why I first briefly outline how the male energy has prevailed for centuries and what the consequences are.

Our modern science rests on the idea that reason is superior to feeling. It has long been the case that physics tried to describe the essential properties of life in terms of inanimate, material particles. In other words, a mechanistic world view.

This also has a lot of influence on the way psychology and medicine look at people. Man is seen as a purely physical being, in other words: a kind of robot. Matters such as the ‘soul’, consciousness, energy, etc. are not discussed there. Also think about the technology. Nature is seen as a ‘thing’ that we can exploit. Animals and plants are seen as inferior.

(Fortunately, however, this mechanistic worldview is now being challenged by the rise of quantum mechanics. It seems to indicate that at the most fundamental level of matter, our consciousness plays an essential role in the creation of material reality! )

The new worldview: cooperation between yin and yang

The above examples show how a separated male energy has (had) its influence on society. I don’t mean this is wrong or bad. I just want to show that important (inspiring) elements have been lost as a result.

I don’t see regular medicine, psychology and technological progress as ‘wrong’ either. There are certainly many positives to it. What matters to me is that the feminine energy is equally important, and that it may reunite with the masculine energy. For me, that’s the only way we as humans can reconnect with who we really are.

The masculine and feminine energy in balance in persons

Here I see a person who lives from intuition and who is connected with himself, others and nature. There is a profound enjoyment of life and creativity flows easily. In addition, there is also an eye for the business and practical side of things.

Ideas and inspiration can easily be turned into action and manifestations. This person lives from the heart, but is also powerful. Own boundaries are well guarded, while there is also a strong empathy for the other.

A new holistic worldview

As described above, the feminine energy is (or has been) suppressed in our society. As a result, we as humans have lost contact with our feelings, intuition, body and nature. We rather rely on authorities who can say something about our functioning with their ‘objective’ knowledge, than that we ourselves feel what is right for us.

We have forgotten that we are creative beings and that we create our reality from our own consciousness. From this world view, the approach to physical and psychological ‘diseases’ is different. They are not accidental defects, but experiences with a deeper meaning.

In the new worldview, I can see that medicine and psychology will work more holistically. In acute cases, for example, regular doctors are very important. If you come into the field of chronic complaints, collaboration with the ‘alternative’ angle seems important to me.

Where does the complaint come from? What is the connection with the psyche or the repressed emotions? What does the body want to tell the person? To then search for methods (regular or alternative) that are most suitable for the specific person. In other words, those that feel most closely related to the person.

I recently read that energy treatments were used in a hospital in America before/after operations. Because it has been shown that the person then recovers faster. How beautiful is that!

Back to nature

And how do we deal with nature? In older societies, people were part of nature. We worked together with the forces of nature. When we start to see organic nature, plants and animals again through the eyes of equality, and realize that everything has consciousness, the way we deal with it changes.

Then the ‘use’ of animals and nature changes into collaboration with animals and nature. This is again the feminine energy of empathy and feeling. If we are connected with this, we naturally start to look at nature and animals differently.

I have highlighted a number of things in this article, but you can of course apply this to many more topics. For example: more equal relationships, other (greener) ways of working, living and traffic, a more loving relationship with each other… you name it!

Whereby we combine both the analytical, rational mind and the power of the masculine energy with the intuitive, flowing, emotional energy of the feminine energy. For a new, holistic society that recognizes all aspects of being human!

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