You are your own GURU

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Discernment brings you home. Discernment is your inner radar that tells you what does and does not resonate with your soul. What does or does not feel pure and the direction you have to follow.

Contradictions in the spiritual world

When I started to deepen my inner growth, ‘spirituality’ felt like a warm bath in which I discovered more and more. Anyone who was spiritually known or had a wide reach, or who labeled themselves as “enlightened,” I found interesting, and I thought they ‘knew’ everything. After all: they were already ‘this far’.

Until at some point I came across conflicting ideas and visions. I ended up in a jumble of ideas about what spirituality actually meant to me. Because the moment I took something for truth, later I began to doubt again. Time and again I was confronted with different visions that I could never agree with 100% and suddenly I didn’t know what to do anymore. After all, I couldn’t hold on to anything anymore.

Identification with spiritual ideas

Our ego always wants to grab onto something and identify with it. He is also very smart in the spiritual field, which makes you attach yourself to spiritual frames of mind and ideas again. This again gives an identification and sense of security. If that suddenly disappears, you end up in chaos.

I’m glad I went through this because it forced me to look for my OWN path and truth. It prompted me to connect with my own source connection (intuition, highest self, or whatever you want to call it).

From that moment on I started to tune into my own inner guidance every morning. I received insights that felt very pure and true to me and that made many things fall into place. This gave me so much peace!

Your own truth is not fixed either

And the great thing is, your own ‘truth’ is not something that is fixed either. We are always on the move, constantly broadening our perspective and constantly learning and experiencing new things.

So your own truth also changes with you. It deepens more and more and gradually you throw old things overboard. It is precisely the idea that you can choose every day that gives you freedom, in my opinion. You are never committed to anything and you are open to new perspectives.

Discovering your own way

What if you can choose for yourself how you want to shape your inner development?

What if there is not one way, but what if you can discover your own way? What if all the answers are already within you? Your unique blueprint can be very different from that of your neighbor. And as I already described: also in the spiritual field there is not one path that you can walk. There are several roads you can walk. Trust that your soul knows what it is coming to do here and that you are always guided in the right direction from your inner guidance. Just start feeling with which choices or ideas you experience peace, love or joy. You can go that way! Trust the signals you get.

Feel if something resonates with you

And of course there is nothing wrong with listening to other wise people, or being inspired or taught. There are countless beautiful and pure people who can support you on your path. The only thing I want to give you here is: feel for yourself what resonates with you and don’t take everything for truth.

For example, when I listen to someone else now, I tune in to myself first. I feel in my body if it resonates with me or not. Then I only take out what feels good and what is helpfull. I let go of the rest.

Yet another example. Maybe you recognize it: you have a whole list of all the things you ‘should’ do one day to develop yourself spiritually. Some things may not work for you at all and others bring you closer to yourself.

One loves to meditate, but another gets his zen moments from sports or a creative hobby. Some people stand on a big stage and can explain universal principles in detail, but do not (yet) live from their heart. And there are people who don’t even know the word ‘spirituality’, but live very purely and lovingly from their heart and feelings. Who is more “spiritual” then?

In short: let go of looking in the outside world a bit more, and find ways to integrate spirituality into your daily life in your own way. First, ask yourself what spirituality actually means to you. And then see how you can open yourself more into this and what you would do differently in a day.

My sessions

The most important thing in my trajectories is that I provide my clients with the tools that help them to make contact with their own highest self/intuition/inner guidance. That I put someone in his or her own power and help expand their consciousness. So that there can never be any dependence on me, because they find everything in themselves. I always encourage my clients not to take anything from me, but feel for themselves what is right.

Sometimes we may learn to forget and let go of things instead of having to learn new things. The more ideas and concepts we release about what spirituality should be, the more free we become.

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